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Semi dedicated hosting

Having more supplementary provisions and freedom for your online blogs is always a valuable opportunity. The semi dedicated servers hosting packages offered by NTC Hosting are sufficiently furnished with everything larger weblogs would demand for swifter site load times under severe traffic conditions. Compared to Private Virtual Servers solutions, the semi-dedicated packages also supply unlimited domain hosting possibilities, but provide way more CPU and web hosting server independence, because of the fewer hosting account holders using the very same quite robust semi-dedicated web server. Furthermore, you still have the hosting industry’s best web hosting Control Panel - Hepsia. As a standard equipment, at no additional charge. You will highly esteem the point and click File Manager, the Domain Manager and the Email Manager, the One-click Apps Installation Tool and the Web Page Creation Tool platforms.

Plan Details Pioneer Master
Monthly Cost
Hosting Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Network Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Max Server CPU Limit 100% 200%
MySQL Queries 90 000 / hour 130 000 / hour
MySQL DBs Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Data Space Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IPs
Hosted Site Names Unlimited Unlimited
Mailbox Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts 20 50
One-click Apps Installation Tool
Web Page Creation Tool
Free Web Site Designs
Uninterrupted Service Operation